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If You're going to build a shack,

 I say build it big enough to impress your neighbors

 both on and off their television sets!

Drop in for a visit!


The equipment rack from the bottom up

 40M AM station Collins 32V3 and Collins (51J-3) R-388 Receiver.

RCI-2990 Ten Meter AM rig (29.0 to 29.1 Mhz) AM only

Icom R71A HF Receiver

Icom R-7000 VHF / UHF Receiver

Icom R-271A 2m all mode (with 100w & 13 element yagi)



Half the fun of amateur radio is building the station

and repairing your own equipment!  


RF Deck

Onedia Electronics T-368F/URT (75 meter AM and 40 meter AM)

The T-368 (Circ 1958) consists of three separate decks contained in a cabinet rack. The decks from top to bottom, are the RF, the modulator and the power supply. The transmitter is limited to CW and AM operation when used as a single unit, covering 2 to 20 Mc with the matching BC-939-B antenna tuner not shown. This unit weights in at nearly 650 Lbs  and is capable of running approximately 400 to  450 watts.  The transmitter was intended for use by the department of the Army and the Air Force and could be used in fixed station or mobile operation.



2 METER  FT-220 &  6 METER FT-620B RIGS

Read about the FT-220 - FT-620 combination seldom if ever seen in the USA!

When I'm  active I can usually be found running CW  on 7.040 QRP, in the AM window of 75 & 40 Meters. I'm also active on  10meter AM phone 29.0 to 29.1 Mhz or on  six meter SSB 50.125 and 50.4 AM using vintage equipment

Gonest G-50 30w AM Phone on 50.4 Mhz

Gonset G-28 30w AM phone on 29.0 MHz before restoration


Here are the latest photos of the G-28 after my cosmetic restoration completed April 2007

The G-28 is really sweet, apparently there are not many around

as you don't find them very often on the second hand market.



For Six meter SSB I use either my Yaesu FT-100D or the more so unique Kenwood TS-670 (7, 21, 28 & 50 Mhz)

 ALL MODE QUAD BANDER 10W RIG. Designed for the Japanese novice licensee.

The rig and amplifier combination is a most difficult station to find in the United states




If your shack is like mine, the ham shack is constantly under construction.

 What was at one time considered to be the Holy Grail of

all amateur radio amplifiers owning a Henry!

Read about the Henry 2K repair job here. Buy them cheap & fix them up!

Recently addition to the W4CLM shack

is a Henry 2K amplifier. Picked up cheap in non-operational condition.




It All Started Right Here!

My First Receiver (Circ 1969)

Read more about the Lafayette Explor-Air KT-135 Here !




If you're ever bored with life, just

get a bigger satellite dish!


When I'm not on the air I'm often chasing DX on Satellite TV!

With nearly a dozen satellite antennas on the property chasing TV DX

can present some once in a life time opportunities to learn about other people and their cultures!

Nothing  quite like watching a country come to it's knees on live TV

TV Japan opening day at the ball park!

Thai TV 5





We Will Never Forget 9/11/2001

May God bless the many souls who lost their lives, on September 11, 2001, at
the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and on airline flights 11, 175, 77, & 93.


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